Gerald Lewis


Gerald Lewis


A graduate of Swansea College of Art I started my career at the BBC - working in the film department and shooting on both 16mm and 35mm film.

After several happy years spent on location in many exotic, and some not so exotic locations, (Northern Ireland, Beirut, Syria, & Romania to name just a few), I moved to Harlech Television in Cardiff, again working as a Director of Photography.

After a few years at HTV and with lots of shoots around the world I was offered a position with Swedish Television, they were expanding their regional coverage and were recruiting people to train their newly hired news crews prior to their big regional TV launch.

Swedish Television didn’t offer as much international travel although I did happen to be in Seattle studying ENG techniques when Mount St. Helens blew!

From Sweden to Saudi Arabia working as a Director/DP for a large production facility in Riyadh. Very interesting times to say the least!

Then onto Vancouver BC for 2 years before moving to Portland where I have been ever since,
(except for the last year and a half - when I lived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

While in Vietnam I taught production, directed and shot several commercials for the oil industry.
I also worked on several national television spots and - most importantly - I met, fell in love with
and married a beautiful Vietnamese woman!





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