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Gerald Lewis


I am a Video Creative, based in the Portland/Vancouver area of the Pacific Northwest.

My experience over many years, starting with the BBC in Wales has served me well, and I am called on by Advertising Agencies, Creative Shops, and Production Companies who use me in a variety of roles within the video production pipeline. Tybach Production Services is the Production Company through which I've run projects for the last 20 years.

Though I'm often hired as a Cinematographer due to my extensive knowledge and experience in that discipline, I also have years of experience in other areas of video production including direction, producing, and editing.

Traveling with equipment has become cost prohibitive, and in recent years I've also become a trusted source to call on for dependable local crew and production equipment. Simply put, if you are a production coming in from out of town, call me and I will help you fill in the gaps so it's one less thing you have to worry about.

I’ve been told my strong work ethic and approachable personality, combined with my experience and knowledge make me a valuable asset to any production.





(constantly updating)


Ford Hi-Roof Transit with rear lift!

includes everything you need for your shoot - including LED lighting packages - all at one great rate!

Please follow the link below to see what’s included:




SONY FS7 with 28-135mm zoom lens

This package has everything - in addition to the Sony zoom it comes with Metabones Speedbooster for Canon EF lens. I have three Canon "L" series lenses available - 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm -all a fast f2.8.

This package also has the  XDCA extension unit and two V-mount batteries (+ two Sony onboard batteries if you don't want to use the extension unit)

Viewfinder, eyepiece, SmallHD external monitor, Sennheiser 600 shotgun mic, Wooden camera PL mount adapter, Rails attachment and Follow Focus

Comes with 3 x 64GB cards

Canon C300 Mk II - with touch screen focus

Fitted with Wooden Camera top and bottom plates this is the perfect 4K camera. Also capable of simultaneous proxy file recording this camera has the legendary picture quality of the Canon sensor and “L” series lens combination.

Canon "L" series lenses available - 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm - all a fast f2.8.

CANON C300 with Dual Pixel AF upgrade

Comes with the Zacuto Recoil shoulder mount and Z-Finder.  Superb image quality and dynamic range, very low noise and super crisp images when paired with any of the lenses show here.                                                                                                                      

Canon "L" series lenses available - 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm - all a fast f2.8.

CANON XC15 - their latest DSLR designed primarily for video. This shoots 4K video, has Dual XLR inputs and has color profiles to match the C300.

This camera is light, easy to use and complements the C300 beautifully. With matching C300 profiles it is an inexpensive way to get a second camera on your shoot! It is also ideal for using on the Rhino Slider or the RONIN-S shown below.

Dare to move

The DJI Ronin-S is the perfect 3 axis gimbal camera mount. Handheld, and supporting up to 16 lbs this will take any of the camera listed above.

Quick and easy to set up this allows the complete freedom of camera position and movement, Get rock steady video, even when moving quickly, rough terrain, stairs or simply following a subject - add an extra dimension to your video with this unit.

The Rhino Slider Ultimate Package - with both 42" and a 24" Carbon Fiber rail this slider will add massively to your production values.          

Quick and easy to set up this can be used with a flywheel or with a programmable motor. Motorized tracking with everything from slow, snail like,  speeds to very fast moves - all super smooth and with programmable ramping up and down. Add the available ARC and you have automatic panning - keeping your subject in frame for the whole move.  The Rhino can be set for one direction track  or for constant looping.

DJI Mavic Air - Need a different perspective? The Mavic Air is a perfect platform for you. A drone that provides both Hi-Res stills and 4K and 1080 video. Stand out from your competitors with unique aerial footage.

We are FAA certified UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) operators. Licensed and Insured


Grip and Electric - Full size GRIP TRUCK -

FORD Hi-Roof Cargo Van complete with Grip Cart and rear lift!

Fully loaded with everything you need for your production.

INCLUDED on the truck - your choice of several Lighting packages, both LED and Arri Tungsten.

For a detailed list of what is included on the truck please visit our sister website: www.portlandgrip.com


If you have a production question, need more information or just want to chat, please use this form, or just call me at the number below.

Use this form to contact me about our new grip truck and lighting packages too….





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